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Plumbing Hints And Tips

Blocked Drains

If your sewer becomes blocked, immediately stop using all fixtures and make sure the surcharge gully outside is unobstructed.

Money Saving Ideas

These are just a few ideas which can save you money:

Choose only a reputable plumbing company using highly trained staff who specialise in the particular job you want done. Ensure your plumbing company offers you a 100% guarantee on their labour. This may save you paying to have the job done again. Use a plumbing firm who will show up when promised, your most valuable asset is your time – don’t waste it waiting around for a serviceman who never shows up.

Ensure your sewer and stormwater drains are checked periodically for any obstructions or tree root growth, roots left growing in your piping system for a long period is a good way to destroy your pipes to the point where renewal is the only option. Also blockages in stormwater drains during heavy rain can cause extensive damage by flooding.

Never let your plumbing company and renew your sewer or stormwater pipes just because the obstruction cannot be cleared, ask for the problem to be diagnosed with a CCTV camera if unsure. Using a specialist plumbing firm with drain cleaning equipment can actually save you money by having the correct equipment on hand to carry out the job. 98% of blockages in sewer lines can be cleared without digging or renewing.

Don’t waste your time calling around every plumbing firm in the phone book just to find the cheapest quoted rates, 90% of the time the plumbing company with the cheapest rate will be the least experienced and more than likely will not be the cheapest job.